The Secret Behind Words And Images

At Babel, a group of people were intent on building a tower but failed. The biblical account on the surface seems to suggest that our Heavenly Father changed their languages. Think about it, if all God did was to give them different languages then they could have used signs or drawn images to illustrate what they were trying to achieve. Even in our time we see huge construction projects being executed by people of several nationalities at the same time. What God did was to confuse their understanding so they could not “see” the same things. He took away their ability to distribute their mental images to each other. That is what communication is. You have a collection of images in your mind which you put in a container known as words and distribute them through speech or some form of oral communication. At Babel, one dude said “bring me a shovel” and his friend thought he meant “wheelbarrow”. Whatever you understand is what you see in your mind. Once you understand it, that image becomes fixed and can control your mind if you let it. Many people allow their thoughts to control them. They say they are speaking their mind but it’s really a collection of images they have understood that they are voicing out. Ever wonder why you can mid-sentence?
It is because as you started speaking your mind realized it had not formed a clear enough image to convert into words.

The mind is a folder. It is a collection of words and images that form our imagination.

How to control your mind and influence people

Have you noticed that you either consciously or unconsciously see a place before you go there? You do not get to the kitchen and say “wow, how did I get here? I thought I was going to the bathroom.” We are not surprised when you arrive at a location because we see the image even before we got there. Our imagination has the power to control our thoughts. This is why you cannot go to a place you have not imagined first.


Images control our minds and then they control the body.

We become what we imagine. The imagination is a collection of images that we have gathered through the education of our senses. What we continuously see and hear forms images. The moment an individual understands what he is hearing or seeing, an image is formed. If that image stays in his mind long enough; his body, life, behavior and thoughts will change to mimic that image. The right images will create the right life.

Words are images

Our minds have the ability to interpret the letters we understand as images. When a friend sends you a harsh message, you read words but the images your mind sees prick your emotions. Think about this for a second:
When I say “black dog!” or when you hear a dog bark you do not see the letters “WOOF”. What you see is an animal. If I said “small black dog”, that image would change immediately in your mind. Knowing this will make you understand why some have rich and yet others possess poor minds. A rich mind is a fruitful one. It is a mind that creates value for the possessor and the world around her. A poor mind is exactly the opposite. The possessor of this mind thinks, believes and does the wrong things on a continuous basis sometimes even when they mean to do right, they end up messing things up. They have believed the wrong things so they end up doing the wrong things. Money, Culture, Environment or background do not play as much of a role as people would like to think when it comes to how much value a person’s mind can conjure. What is most important is what the person sees, hears, understands and speaks on a continuous basis.

Dan Gossett have an excellent book on this topic. Check it out What You Say Is What You Get by Don Gossett (1976) Paperbackhere.

I was speaking to a group of young entrepreneurs a few months ago and mentioned that whenever people expect older people to be wiser than younger people I find it ludicrous. Think about your life for a second. What is one of the major differences between the 17 year old version of yourself and the 25 year old version? Ten years did not automatically mature you. Neither did your physical growth contribute too much to your mental development. Was it your understanding? I believe it was. Did you not know and understand more at 25 than you did at 15 and at age 20? To make this even more practical, do you not know people who are your age or even older who think, make decisions or act like children? Yes, you do.

If my theory is true then you can hack your mental growth by studying, practicing and understanding today what would be expected of someone of your stature in the next 10 years. A 22 year old who is as mentally developed as a 30 year old will be head and shoulders above many of her contemporaries in a short time. The key to speedy advancement in life whether it be spiritual, mental, physical or social is understanding. When you see what others do not see, you can go where they cannot.

Think about Church. Whenever a preacher teaches the Gospel aka Good News i.e Jesus Christ, Love, Faith, Grace and Prosperity, the congregation’s lives are transformed for the better. However if the preacher continuously preaches fire and brimstone, fear, the law and unbelief, his listeners shrivel and become weary. After the service you can tell from their faces that they just took a beating. We sometimes say “I just listened to someone give a speech or teach a sermon”, but that is not really what we witnessed. What the speaker did was to distribute images. We are all in the image distribution game.
This is the same with whatever media, movie, book or TV show you are allowing to preach to you. Whenever I speak with teenagers I am amazed by how most of them seem to have the same images sometimes regardless of their age or background. I will share more insights on how entire nations have influenced by the words they have heard. I am convinced that if you subjected yourself to listen to the right words for 3 months, you could redefine your life without much effort. This is why reading and a value for knowledge acquisition is so important for an entrepreneur.

Your business will mimic your mind. If you poor money management skills, it will be difficult to set and maintain an efficient budget for your business. The easiest way to gather the right images is through reading or listening to people who have a rich collection of their own. Studying people who have successfully done what you want to do with your business will give you a shortcut to success if you will do the right things. I will share more on how to add value to your mind and communicate effectively in a subsequent post but first check out this video and buy this book by Dan Gossett.
Kenneth E Hagin also has a classic that I highly recommend. Get it Right and Wrong Thinkinghere.

Are there any resources you would like to share on this topic? Please comment below.

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