Be Great At Something

Be good at something.

I recently filled out an application and it freshly dawned on me how important to have an area of excellence. Even if you can do other things, it’s good to be very good at something. People will pay for the value in you.

Branding, marketing, business strategy, sales and advertising are kindred disciplines but very different.

Find a skill that will make you indispensable, even if you relocated to another country or city. Salesmen, for example, are essential to most organizations because selling is an important skill.

It could be communication, writing code, math, carpentry, organization, writing, engineering, cooking, crocheting or basic accounting. Whatever it is, just make sure you have something of value that others will pay for!

Find something you can be the best at

As an entrepreneur, it is important to have skills or competencies that make you invaluable to your business. It’s not enough to have a vision alone. I have encountered entrepreneurs whose only value to their business is that they came up with the initial idea.

Many of them are incompetent leaders and this will affect the business in the long run unless they find out what their strengths are and stick to those.

1. Make a list of everyone you know who is an expert or has a high level proficiency in the strength you want to improve upon

2. Make a list of the steps they took to become the best. A lot of this stuff is public information. You may have to spend an hour or two looking for this information online by reading articles they have been featured in or interviews they have participated in.

3. Determine which steps fit your goals and start copying. This could be through reading the books they read or working at specific companies or taking courses they took.

Keep improving your strengths daily

Competence in areas such as communication, sales, goal setting, time management and basic finance can be studied so it is best to improve ourselves in these areas.

Your employees will respect you more if they view you as more than “The Idea Guy”.

How did you find your path in life?

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