How To Get More Customers And Faster Sales

Strategy 1- Get customers at breakeven and make a profit on the back end with other products such as upsells, cross-sells and affiliate products

You offer a lower-priced product as your front end or offer your product at a discount in order to get customers into your funnel. 

Apple has $2,000 computers but they promote their lower-priced products such as phones, watches, and tablets first. 

They know that once they can get a customer into their ecosystem, it’s easier to upsell, cross-sell and resell more products and services. 

Many successful businesses make more on the backend than they do on the front end. 

Even if you don’t other products to sell, you can offer someone else’s products. 

For instance, shoe brands sometimes offer deals on socks to their customers. 
Cosmetic brands sometimes offer deals on skincare and haircare products to their customers. 
In B2B, an accounting firm offered investment services to its top clients. The investment services came from a partner.

Strategy 2- Get customers by offering to take the risk in the transaction.

Tactic 1: Pay for performance or your money back

You say ‘If my weight loss product does not make you lose 4 pounds in a day, return it or even keep the product and you will receive a full refund. ‘

Tactic 2: Try as many as you want
You say ‘You can buy as many of my shirts as you want. Try them on for a week, send back the ones you don’t love and we’ll only bill you for the ones you keep.’

Tactic 3: Long guarantee
You say ‘All our competitors only offer 30-day guarantees on their tires. We offer a 3-year guarantee.’

Tactic 4: I’ll give you your money back and pay you for wasting your time
You say ‘Try out our software for 30 days, if it doesn’t exceed all your demands, we’ll refund your payment and even give you another $1000 for wasting your time.’ (This is excellent for expensive items and high ticket B2B deals.

Tactic 5: We’ll charge you after 30 days if you haven’t returned the product
You say ‘Order this course today and we’ll not charge you for 30 days. If on day 31 you haven’t asked for a refund, we’ll know you are getting great value from it and only then will we charge you.’

Tactic 6: Extended Free Trials and Samples
You say ‘Our competitors only let you use the product for 14 days. We offer a 40-day free trial.’ or ‘Enter your information and we’ll send you a sample for free. Once you see the benefits, we are certain you will come back and buy.’

Strategy 3- Get Customers From Partners, Affiliates and Joint Ventures

Tactic 1: Basic Endorsement

‘A dentist recently opened a new office in a new neighborhood where no one had heard of him. He went to one of the most popular opticians in the city and said ‘I would like to invite you to an event I am hosting and I want you to endorse me to about 300 of your top clients. I want you to invite them to the event and I will pay you $10,000 for this referral.’

About 20 of the attendees ended up working with the dentist and over the next 12 months, each of them paid an average of $30,000. That is $600,000 from one endorsement.

Tactic 2: Advanced Endorsement
A client of mine with a car detailing business went to an auto dealership and said,

I want you to endorse me to every customer who buys a car from you and needs detailing or any repairs. I will give you $100 for every customer you send me. In addition to this, for the next 12 months, every time that customer pays me for anything be it maintenance or repairs, you will still receive a $100.

Strategy 4- Direct Response Advertising
Strategy 5- Using direct mail
Strategy 6- Using telemarketing/email marketing
Strategy 7- Running special events or information nights
Strategy 8- Acquiring qualified lists
Strategy 9– Develop a Unique Selling Proposition
Strategy 10– Increasing the perceived value of your product/service through better client education
Strategy 11– Using public relations
Strategy 12– Referral systems

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