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How To Get More Customers And Faster Sales

Sell people what they want and not what your product does

How To Get More Repeat Sales

How To Increase Your Average Order Value

How To Turn More Leads Into Paying Customers

How To Keep Customers Longer And Increase Retention

How To Create Differentiation Through Your Messaging And Brand

Founders start businesses in one of these three ways

1 Get to know a person or a business’ needs and create the solution
2 Build something to solve your own problem and find others like you
3 You’re either getting to know the market and creating what they want or creating something you believe is great and showing it to them

The best approach would be to find out what people want and give it to them. 

The most successful products have the following characteristics:
1 A product that people/businesses want to have a product for which there’s market demand. 

Not every product solves a problem but every product fulfills a desire. Either a desire to get something or to get rid of some problem. 

It would surprise you how many businesses fail because there is no demand for their product. Demand in this sense can be defined as a desire that has commercial value. 

For instance, there’s a desire to go from home to your workplace quickly. We have cars, bicycles, trains, jets, ridesharing apps, etc for that desire. 

You want to connect with friends, find out what’s going on in the world and be informed. We have social media and news media for that. 

Or you may want your business to get more customers and to make a lot of profits. There’s books, software, courses, masterminds, coaching and schools for that. 

2 A product that solves a problem or fulfills a desire in a way that will delight the customer

3 A product that is either scarce or differentiated in a way that makes it unique.

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